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Professional Advice
We're committed to your learning

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We have compiled the following educational documents and videos to help you expand your knowledge even when you are away from the mountains. We hope you enjoy these materials and find them helpful as you're planning your next adventure.

Skype Video Consultations
If you would like to speak with one of our AMGA certified guides to assist your learning and comprehension, we are available for personal consultations using Skype video conferencing software. We charge $90/hr. for this service. Please contact us to schedule a time for your personal consultation.

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Mountain Weather Booklets
The following Mountain Weather Booklets offer an introduction to mountain weather forecasting and decision making. The first booklet provides an introduction to the formation of weather patterns. The second booklet provides an introduction to mountain weather forecasting and describes a process for decision making.

Intro to Mountain Weather
(Free Download)
Mountain Weather & Decision Making (Free Download)
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Training Tips
The following Training Tips document offers an introduction to the fundamentals of training for improved cardiovascular efficiency, muscle strength, and flexibility. Guidelines for creating a workout are provided, and sample workouts are included to get you started on the right foot.


Video Tech Tip: How to Rig an Alpine Quickdraw

Due to the winding nature of alpine routes we commonly carry a multitude of longer slings to reduce rope drag and to prevent the rope from binding on horns, flakes, or loose rock.  Our favorite way to carry these slings is as "alpine quickdraws".  An alpine quickdraw is a shoulder length sling that has been shortened to be carried as a quickdraw on your harness.  It's a very efficient way to manage loose slings and it gives you the choice to use the sling in the shortened configuration or as a true shoulder length runner.  Check out the video below to see how to rig an alpine quickdraw.

AMGA Certification
Peak Mountain Guides staff members Angela Hawse, Geoff Unger, and Tim Brown are AMGA certified American Mountain Guides and IFMGA internationally licensed guides.

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