Current Photos of Backcountry Ice Conditions

With the Ice Park closed, we have been getting lots of calls about the condition of the backcountry. As of this writing, February 20th, almost all of the backcountry areas are in great shape and getting climbed regularly. Here are some recent photos that show the current conditions:

Chockstone Chimney (at the Skylight Area) on February 12th. This route is still in good shape as of February 20th.


























Dawn Glanc leading Choppo’s Chimney in the Skylight area on Campbird Road on February 12th.





The first pitch of Whorehouse Hoses on February 19th.


Tiffany cruising up a chimney in the Skylight area on February 15th.

A climber leading Bridal Veil Falls on February 14th.


Climbing Slip Sliding Away at the Skylight Area on February 18th.

Steven Van Sickle leading Bridal Veil Falls on February 14th.








































































































































Routes that are currently out of condition include: Horsetail Falls, Dexter Creek Slabs, Charmin Tube, The Ribbon, Birdbrain Boulevard, The Talisman, and all of the climbs at the Engineer turnout (Gravity’s Rainbow, etc).

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